malam pekat nan kelam
awan menggunung hitam
menyelubungi pesona
negeri indah rupawan

bilakah datang mentari
bangkitkan putera negeri
cahayanya menyinari
hangat menghidupi

lama jua telah dinanti
kebebasan hakiki
keadilan bukan mimpi
sejahtera kan diraih

di mana jiwa satria
pemakmur negeri
jalannya perih terjal tak terperi
teguh kan dilalui
rintang tak peduli
janji Ilahi tujuan nan abadi


The Quran Brigades..

On October 2, 2010 in Gaza a celebration/graduation took place for over 13,000 Palestinians that memorized the Holy Quran during this years summer camp “Generation of the Quran”.

Allahu Akbar! Allahu Akbar! Allahu Akbar!

13,000 mashAllah is like a mini army (The Quran Brigades).


Ten year-old Muhammad Can’aan, who was exiled to the Gaza Strip with his family in 2002, memorized the Holy Qu’ran this summer while he took part in a camp program. The boy committed the 600 page revelation to memory in only 60 days.

“I went to a summer camp named after the Prophet Mohammed peace be upon him,” Muhammad told Ma’an. “For 60 days,” he continued, “I used to go from seven in the morning until four in the evening to participate in the camp.”

At the camp Muhammad started memorizing the holy book along with his friends. “At first it was so difficult,” he commented, “but with the help of my family and the teachers in the camp, I was able to memorize the book of God.”

In the evenings after camp Muhammad would ask his mother to help him continue his project. “My mother would read the page twice,” he explained, “and then in a quarter of an hour I was able to memorize 30 pages.”

Memorizing even portions of the Qu’ran is considered a very pious act, and Muhammad said that there was a lot of competition over who could memorize the most during the camp. He added that he received two awards for his efforts.

Asked how he feels about sitting inside and learning the Qu’ran while others are outside playing, he answered “I prefer learning the words of God instead of playing in the parks.”

Muhammed’s father was one of 13 Palestinians who claimed sanctuary in Bethlehem’s Nativity Church as they were being chased down by Israeli solders. The incident lead to a 38 days standoff in May 2002, and ended when an agreement between the Palestinian Authority and Israel which had the men exiled temporarily from the West Bank.

Buried Inside..

Written By Umm Saad Al Khorasaniyah – Presented By Dar Al Murabiteen Publications


It is quite necessary to arrange ones thoughts before writing an article, just the way the papers of a book are arranged before it is compiled, otherwise you risk putting the reader in a state of utter confusion. However, so many things have happened and are happening in such a chaotic manner, that the wind has blown away the papers, the thoughts are scattered hither and thither, and I am forced to remain stranded, like a lost sheep away from the herd, waiting for a wolf to attack, from a place I least expect.

We were a nice amount of people when we started. There was such energy and enthusiasm and work. Bringing victory to the Deen was all we talked about, that was all what plagued us. We were storming every where and every thing, and our teacher worried that we would get our selves in trouble, and we would laugh about it. Nothing or no one could become an obstacle enough to stop our work…huh… at least, so we had thought.

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Food for thought

– Received this from my email, from Belal Khan, producer of Leechon Films, Media with an Islamic Framework –

Asalaamu Alaikum

For the past ten years working in Islamic work, dawah and and marketing – I’ve seen a lot of people give up on their efforts because they thought they themselves aren’t worthy or aren’t good enough.

On the flip side, the people I’ve seen that have pressed on and been successful in their projects have told me it isn’t whether not we’re worthy, rather it’s whether or not what we’re trying to achieve is worthy of us in the sight of Allah.

Today I heard someone say, “If you reach for the moon and stars, you wont end up with a handful of mud.”

I thought for a second – what then would be the affect if we were to instead reach for Jannah?

Just some food for thought.

May Allah-swt give us the tawfeeq to for His sake and earn his mercy on the day of judgment.

– Received this from my email, from Belal Khan, producer of Leechon Films, Media with an Islamic Framework –

Revolutionize the dunya..

…so, why you crying like a woman when you couldn’t defend it like a man?…

…we whinge about everything!
we blame everybody else besides ourselves, we blame the christians, we blame the jews, we blame everybody else, but one person we don’t blame is ourselves,
we even blame time!…

…we need to have proactive approach, we need to put our energy back into society..

islah nafsak, wad’u ghairak!

Have we done anything?..

– diambil daripada laman web ISMA Australia daripada artikel bertajuk Salah Laku Seksual Remaja Melayu – Di Manakah Jalan Penyelesaiannya?

Kes A

Gadis A, berumur 16 tahun didapati kerap berkeadaan murung. Apabila ditegur oleh ibunya, A cuba mengelak. Namun keadaan perutnya yang semakin membuncit menyebabkan sukar untuk A menyimpan rahsia tersebut. A melarikan diri dan tinggal bersama keluarga angkatnya di ibu kota. Beliau hanya dibawa ke hospital untuk melahirkan kandungannya ini.

Kes B

Gadis B, berumur 18 tahun adalah seorang pelajar kolej swasta yang sangat aktif. Akibat ketelanjuran bersama teman lelakinya, B disyaki mengandung. Ujian kencing yang dibuat di sebuah klinik swasta mengesahkan bahawa B telahpun hamil dan kandungan janin kembar telahpun disahkan melalui ujian ultra sound. B cuba untuk menyembunyikan kandungannya sehingga terpaksa ponteng kuliah. Rahsianya terbungkar apabila B melahirkan kandungan kembarnya yang pramatang di dalam tandas asrama kolej tersebut.

Kes C

Gadis C, berumur 15 tahun adalah seorang pelajar sekolah menengah. Beliau ditahan oleh pasukan polis kerana disyaki membuang bayinya apabila mayat seorang bayi yang baru sahaja meninggal dunia ditemui kira-kira 100 meter daripada rumahnya. Walaupun C menafikan dakwaan tersebut, pemeriksaan kesihatan telah mengesahkan bahawa beliau mempunyai banyak tanda-tanda bahawa gadis C baru sahaja melahirkan kandungannya.

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