The Quran Brigades..

On October 2, 2010 in Gaza a celebration/graduation took place for over 13,000 Palestinians that memorized the Holy Quran during this years summer camp “Generation of the Quran”.

Allahu Akbar! Allahu Akbar! Allahu Akbar!

13,000 mashAllah is like a mini army (The Quran Brigades).


Ten year-old Muhammad Can’aan, who was exiled to the Gaza Strip with his family in 2002, memorized the Holy Qu’ran this summer while he took part in a camp program. The boy committed the 600 page revelation to memory in only 60 days.

“I went to a summer camp named after the Prophet Mohammed peace be upon him,” Muhammad told Ma’an. “For 60 days,” he continued, “I used to go from seven in the morning until four in the evening to participate in the camp.”

At the camp Muhammad started memorizing the holy book along with his friends. “At first it was so difficult,” he commented, “but with the help of my family and the teachers in the camp, I was able to memorize the book of God.”

In the evenings after camp Muhammad would ask his mother to help him continue his project. “My mother would read the page twice,” he explained, “and then in a quarter of an hour I was able to memorize 30 pages.”

Memorizing even portions of the Qu’ran is considered a very pious act, and Muhammad said that there was a lot of competition over who could memorize the most during the camp. He added that he received two awards for his efforts.

Asked how he feels about sitting inside and learning the Qu’ran while others are outside playing, he answered “I prefer learning the words of God instead of playing in the parks.”

Muhammed’s father was one of 13 Palestinians who claimed sanctuary in Bethlehem’s Nativity Church as they were being chased down by Israeli solders. The incident lead to a 38 days standoff in May 2002, and ended when an agreement between the Palestinian Authority and Israel which had the men exiled temporarily from the West Bank.


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