Kuntu Maitan.. I was dead..

كنت ميتاً في بحور الغي والإثم غريقا

I was dead in seas seas of error and sin, drowned.

كنت عبداً في قيود الذنب مملوكا رقيقا

I was a slave in shackles of sin, enslaved as a slave

مد لي الشيطان من أسبابه حبلاً وثيقا

Satan extended to me from his causes a rope confidently

منكراتِ كنت آتيها غروبا وشروقا

Evils, I went to them from sunset till sundown

غزت الآثام لحمي ثم عظمي والعروقا

The sins attacked my flesh, then my bones and my viens

كنت في التفحيط نجماً يبهر الدنيا بريقا

I was engulfed in the bedazzling glint of the stars of this world

أجهدت سيارتي من شدة الزحف الطريقا

I struggled hard upon my path

يارفيق الدرب مهما كنت فذاً لن تفوقا

Oh comrade, whichever path [I chose] I was alone, not superior

والجماهير أصمتني صفيراً ونعيقا

And the masses encouraged me, whistling and whooping

كم أطاراً كان يبلى ثم أرميه عتيقا

How many rings was he wearing then was his throw old?

كم دخلت السجن مراتِ فأزداد فسوقا

How many times did I leave the prison, only to increase my debauchery?

أصبح الوجدان قفرا ظامئ الأرض سحيقا

My conscience became a wasteland, abysmally dry

أنني أحتاج غيثاً صافياً يكفي بروقا

Truly I need a summer shower, saving by lightning

أنني أحتاج غيثاً صافياً يكفي بروقا

Truly I need a summer shower, saving by lightning

صافياً يكفي بروقا

In the summer, saving by lightning


another version of translation :

I used to be dead
in the seas of evil and bad
as a drowned person

I used to be a slave
in the chain of sins
not owning even myself

And the devil had surrounded me
with a strong rope that tied me
How many bad actions I had then made
Day and night what an evil trade

And my slob was shattered by the sins
that cut me deep until the bones
even in my blood and within
the vains of mine, they flew by tones

I used to be a real star
In the rallycross you’d see my car
Running so fast you’d never catch
I’ve always been the best from far

And the public there applauding me
yelling my name like a king’s in war
and how many tires they offered to me
and how many times I changed the tire

Then how many nights I’ve been in jail
each night’s a floor in the evil tower
I climbed each step less than a nail
but the fall took me less than an hour

But now aday….I need a healing
a pure relief, and a solid shore
One modest way…a self-redeaming
the true belief, sparkling no more

The true belief, sparkling no more

  1. ana said:

    dediate lagu “healing” by sami yusuf kpd anta

    • jazakAllahu khairan kathira. inspiring!

  2. Kashif said:


    • lasiaf87 said:


  3. This line: “كم أطاراً كان يبلى ثم أرميه عتيقا”,
    Should be like this: “كم أطاراً كان يهدى ثم أرميه عتيقا”.

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