Patah hati..

The words are true.. music does influence you..

We go through many things in life..

The beats, rhythms and lyrics just calling back the emotions..

It’s like taking a walk down the memory lane..

Passed through all those events.. taught me a lot of things..

Looking back all those people.. make me appreciate them more in my life..

There are ups and downs.. but there is never the end..

But when you are at that position.. you thought that was it..

Deja vu.. It keeps coming up on your mind.. keeps popping up..

But you know who are with you.. from all those events before.. ups and downs..

yeah.. ups and downs.. those are the people.. they will be with you..

ups and downs.. they are still by your side.. ups and downs..

Thank You for sending them, ya Allah..

Kau tidak seperti dulu
Yang ku kenali dulu
Rupa hilang seri
Manakah manisnya

Kau tidak seperti dulu
Yang ku kenali dulu
Madah tak berlagu
Manakah girangnya

Patah hati
Jangan terdampar sepi
Jangan tersungkur mati
Patah hati
Jangan leburkan mimpi
Jangan memakan diri

Bukankah Tuhan ciptakan malam
Untuk beradu menanti siang
Bukankah Tuhan titiskan hujan
Menanti limpah kemarau panjang


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