My teacher, my love, my prophet (pbuh)..

In a world where people killed without mercy
Truth was fading
And evil was on the rise
In this world was born a man
So Generous
So Beautiful
So Powerful
So Pure
A guide for mankind
He suffered
His followers suffered
So today we can be Muslims
He sacrificed everything
So today we can have what we have
He united the world
And liberated the oppressed
He wept day and night
So today we can smile
He loved you and I
More than a mother loves her child


We have done everything
To go against his way
Yet claim to follow him
Claim to love him…
We’ve abandoned our people
Abused our women
We gave ourselves up
To Shaytan himself
How would he feel
If we saw us now….
Its not too late….

Rectify Islaam
Unite under one God
Love your brother
Help the needy
Give the women their rights
Guide the young
Beautify the world
And stand united

Bring back Islaam
That’s what He (sa) would want too…
This is for my Teacher, my Love, My Prophet Muhammad (sa)
Lets wake up and be better Muslims.


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