Tabalagho bil qaleel..

Tabalgho bil Qaleeli; minal Qaleeli
Wa hyee zadali safar-e-tawili

Wa ta’atoho ghina adarayn falzam
Wafi el izzo lil abdi e thalili

Wa fi ‘Isyanihi Aron wa naron
Wa fi el bo’do ma khazyet wa bili

Falla ta’si Ilahakawa Atahu
Bawa mun’ Allato Htha bil Qabooli

Wa Salla Rabbunna fi kulli heenen
Wa sallama bil gho dou wa bil asseli ‘
Ala Tahal Basheer bikulli Khairen
Khitamol Rasuli wal hadi – thalilili

The Translation:

 Go through the trials of life, the little of little trials,
And prepare yourself for the long journey.

In his obedience you win both, life on earth and the hereafter,
And in his obedience there is pride for the humiliated slave.

And in his disobedience there is shame and fire (hellfire),
And in such distance (from your Lord) you shall only find humiliation.

So do not disobey your Lord, and obey Him, always,
For you might be (luckily) accepted.

And our Lord prays (grants His blessings) at all times,
 And offers peace (Salaam) at sunset and sunrise,
 To Thaha, The Messenger who brought in good tidings (Prophet Muhammed s.a.w.)
The Seal of The Prophets, The Guide, The Leader



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