Sinful slave..

It’s cold
It’s late
Everybody sleeping
I arise and ask Allah to forgive me
O Allah You see
O Allah You know
All the sins I do
I turn to you to forgive my sins of my heart

I’m your sinful slave
You’re my loving Lord
I’m the one who runs away
o Allah guide me

My sins are mountains high
Your mercy is so wide
Love me
Guide me
Forgive me all my sins

My heart inclines to that which is evil and nasty
I realize
Satan wanted to decieve me
I wanna make things right
I stand before you here
Forgive the sins I do
Thats why I turn to you
I turn to you to forgive my sins in my heart

All my life I’ve been so blind
I dont know what to say
I’ve disobeyed my Lord
I’ve lost control
My mind is gone astray
No good have I done
Only myself to blame
Please my Lord
Dont take my soul
I dont wanna burn in Your flame

I hope, I pray
I hope that Allah will forgive me
Im so scared that I no longer wanna be lonely
Its time to make a change
The way I live my life
Islam will guide me through
surrender myself to You
My Lord I ask You to bring the light in my life


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